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Together for 5 weeks!

My new program ENJOY YOUR BODY is a program composed of 50% dance and 50% fitness. All your sessions will be LIVE but especially with music so that you will never be bored during your workouts! Are you ready to change your body while having fun? 

You will have 4 LIVE sessions for 5 weeks! Sessions are 20-35 minutes in length and focus on lower body, upper body, abs and one all-dance session per week. During this program, you will travel through a wide range of music, from House to RN’B, from Brazil to Reggaeton, from Hip Hop to Electro, as well as from Afrobeats to Dancehall. This program aims to sculpt, shape, lose fat but also to work on your muscular resistance and endurance and above all to develop your self-confidence!

Come and try two sessions and let yourself be

Enjoy Your Body
Enjoy Your Body

Why dance workouts ?

We all know that music is an additional motivating factor during sports sessions! That’s why this program is composed of a wide selection of music. These dance workouts will improve your mood and reduce your stress level. You will never be lonely again and your workouts will never be monotonous or repetitive: This is THE SOLUTION to your lack of motivation! 

And now, to VIMEO !

What you’ll find in the e-book: 

This E-book is a complementary guide to your ENJOY YOUR BODY program. In this guide, you will find all the advice I wish I had when I first started working out and building muscle. It includes: diet tips, quotes, and tips on how to stay motivated on a daily basis. It will be in digital format, but for an optimal use, I advise you to print it so that you can fully appropriate it! 

A big thanks for
your unwavering support

Noémie M

Je voulais te remercier car grâce à tes vidéos je suis plus que motivée et tu me donnes de l'espoir car je n'en n'avais plus par rapport au sport. Alors merci beaucoup pour ton aide car tu aides énormément de personnes.

Elise C

Coucou Tara je voulais te dire que tes vidéos de dance workout ont été pour moi une révélation ! Etant enceinte depuis peu et ne pouvant plus faire de sport intensément et n'ayant pas le courage d'aller à la salle, je t'ai découverte à travers tes vidéos Youtube et wahou j'adore ton énergie, tes good vibes ! Je prends plaisir à faire tes séances qui sont accessibles à tous je trouve alors merci !

Heidi M

Hi Tara ! I'm German and I love your dance workouts. Your style is really motivating and I really enjoy moving and practicing !