Tara’s Body

Who is Tara's Body ?

Hello, I’m Tara, passionate about sports and dance since I was very young. I discovered fitness at the age of 17 when I simply wanted to gain weight because I thought I was too thin. Over the years, I managed to build the physique I had always dreamed of, but something was missing in my life: Dance! My first passion.

And so in 2021, during my confinement, I decided to start creating dance workouts, a combination of fitness and dance. Gym sessions can quickly become boring and redundant so I created a concept that would mix my two passions: dance and fitness with music that would come from every country in the world.


A revelation

With a very dynamic, jovial and bubbly nature, these dance workouts were a revelation for me and for many others. In less than a year, I had 400,000 subscribers on Youtube and thousands of messages thanking me for bringing joy to everyone’s lives. I then realized that my potential was there. Bringing joy around me is my mission and today, thanks to you, I have made it my job.

Welcome to my world!

Believe in yourself! You are braver than you think, more talented than you think and capable of more than you imagine! 

Stay tuned for my latest news!